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Newsletters for colleagues in Africa

Several times each year Discover issues a newsletter for colleagues in Africa which gives practical tips for your work.

Some newsletters give links to other information sheets. These can be found under „Information sheets“.

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International day of the Forest
Invitations to online event and International Day of Forestry
Zimbabwe and Malawi
Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration
Part 2: How can we overcome the „Hurricane of Hunger“?
Part 1: Food security when prices are sky-high
Agroforestry II
Women’s Empowerment helps us all
Food security – more notes
What does Christmas mean for you and your family?
Moringa leaves for nutrition, health, agriculture, soap and clean water
Preventing hunger
Coping with COVID
Planetary Survival
Can we end all forms of violence against women and girls?
An Easter message and greeting
Challenges of Modern Life
COVID-19 – facts and recommendations
Water conservation
Trees – agroforestry and conservation
Food security II
Food security
Sex and gender: challenges and recommendations
Making sense of crises in the light of our faith
20-04-23 News article in Blickpunkt Winnenden
Cries for Help from Uganda (translated from German article above)
Surviving the corona virus
The coronavirus – Be prepared!
The climate crisis in Africa – Preventing malnutrition
Discover Uganda conference and Christmas
The climate crisis in Africa – what can we do?
Canavalia ensiformis
or Jack Bean
Let each person plant ten trees every year!
Enabling and Empowering
Training seminar meals
News from Discover partners in Uganda
Visit to Uganda: Work in schools
Use locally available resources: Plastic
Critical thinking 2
Use locally available resources 1: Your intelligence – for critical thinking!
Coping with Drought: Suggestions and Ideas
Medicinal Plants info – electronically
Artemisia annua, Malaria and HIV
Community transformation through networking
AIDS free, productive and empowered communities
Typhoid – a story from Kasese, Uganda
Coping with drought 3: Zai holes
Coping with drought 2: Conserve water and grow drought resistant plants
Coping with drought 1: Plant trees
Work with schools
Avoidable Lifestyle Diseases
Family Planning
Training follow-up 2
Training follow-up
Making Peace II
Making Peace I
News about Artemisia afra and Centella asiatica
Christmas greeting
Fuel-efficient stoves and Grain Amaranth
Table Banking
Income generation
How to increase the community finances
Probiotic health tincture and African sayings
News and training tips
Soil, soil fertility, seeds and small-scale agriculture
Visit to Ghana
Introducing „Discover“