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Partners in Europe

We are very grateful for the cooperation we enjoy with the following organisations. Click on the logo to come to the home Page.

anamed international. Discover is grateful to anamed international and its founder, pharmacist Dr Hans-Martin Hirt, who had the brilliant idea to use his pharmaceutical experience and skills to devise good methods of preparation of herbal medicines, accurate dosages, details of side effects and methods of storage and conservation. Over 30 years this knowledge and these skills have been shared in many tropical countries.
The books in the series “Natural Medicine in the Tropics” published by anamed, to which Keith Lindsey contributed, are still today excellent resource material and highly recommended by Discover. The most comprehensive book is “Natural Medicine in the Tropics I: Foundation Text” by Hirt and M’Pia which describes how to make herbal medicines and soap, describes 15 important plants in detail and a further 60 plants in less detail.

CHIPS, Christian International Peace Service, has for over 50 years been active in areas of conflict and tension. Teams of local people drawn from both sides of the conflict live, work and pray together in a small community in the centre of the troubled area. They run projects which contribute to building trust between the communities. Discover has been privileged to partner with CHIPS in Uganda and Ghana, where the practice of natural healthcare has contributed both to the welfare of and building trust between the communities.

Eine Welt Winnenden und Umgebung e.V. We enjoy a close association with “Eine Welt Winnenden” (One World Winnenden). The group runs a successful fair-trade shop in the town. Here in Winnenden we work together whenever there is the opportunity to cooperate in work concerning development related issues and education. We recently collaborated in the task of promoting the recycling of mobile phones and smartphones.

SALEM is a long-standing broad-based project based in Germany with priorities of peace, tree planting and helping people in need. Their projects in Togo and Uganda have both hosted several training seminars in natural heathcare. In both Togo and Uganda Salem has a major programme of reafforestation. In Togo the cultivation and use of medicinal plants forms an important part of their work and in Uganda our partners conduct training in natural healthcare and nutrition in surrounding villages.

Uganda Networks is a UK based network of many voluntary projects active all over Uganda that helps with sharing information.


We enjoy a close connection with Busaruhilfe Deutschland e.V., as a result of which Vumbula Masaka ran a training seminar on behalf of Discover for their project partners in Bundibugyo, Uganda, in January 2019.


Hannelore Klabes has a passion for Artemisia annua and has worked tirelessly in Burundi. Many people in Burundi now plant Artemisia and treat their malaria. Hannelore’s enthusiasm for the subject shines through in her German language publications.

Stiftung Entwicklung Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg is a foundation established by the state of Baden-Württemberg to promote and encourage its citizens to play an active and constructive role in the world. Discover is grateful for their advice, their very interesting and informative meetings and their financial support.


The ERBACHER Foundation supports projects for development cooperation in the 3 focus countries: Tanzania, Uganda and India. Discover is very grateful to the foundation for its financial support for Discover partners, the Kasese Network in Kasese and Mikwano in Kaliro District, both in Uganda.


Humanitäre Hilfe für Uganda Verl e. V. is an organisation with the aim of improving the medical care of the population in Uganda in the long term.

It currently supports five hospitals, 18 first aid stations and one orphanage with its projects. This includes the establishment of a rescue service system in the country, for which they send German doctors and paramedics to Uganda and ensure the technical supply and disposal for the hospitals. In addition, they are organising transports of relief supplies to equip the first aid stations, the hospitals and the orphanage with everyday necessities, beds, medical equipment, aids and consumables. The association is dedicated exclusively to promoting development work and is recognised as a non-profit organization.


Discover is also grateful for the support of Afrinspire and the Stewardship Trust in the UK.