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Discover is growing trees in Africa!

From 14 September to 4 October Keith Lindsey visited our partners in Uganda. Please read his detailed and illustrated report here. The country is facing many serious challenges, most notably deforestation and rapid population growth, but the work of our partners gives us enormous encouragement: Their communities are being transformed!

Here as a taster are a few interviews Keith conducted:

With Robert Bwambale in Maliba, near Kasese

With Deborah, a farmer in Maliba. Deborah speaks wth enthusiasm about the results she is achieving with agroforestry.

With Rehema Namyalo in Kasasa near Masaka

With William Mwesigye in Luweero

Please watch this short video „Planting trees in Africa“ which we produced in August 2023. Several Discover partners speak about their work of planting and protecting trees.

As the climate crisis becomes more serious, we realise how vital it is to plant and protect trees; to improve soil fertility, to reduce the chances of flooding, to enable communities to survive drought, to provide fruits, medicines and timber, and to absorb carbon dioxide. Our partners are promoting agroforestry, which is the combination of trees, vegetables and animal keeping. In this way, farmers survive the long dry seasons and the torrential rains, and have a good harvest.

Our partners work with teachers and pupils in schools and establish agroforestry plots. In this way, children and adults learn about the important role trees play in the environment. With these activities, children enjoy school and the dropout rate is reduced.

Work in schools is very important because the population in Uganda is exploding, and it is proven that if children, and especially girls are educated, then the number of teenage pregnancies declines. Our partner Christopher Nyakuni in West Nile, Uganda, has established the Green Star Nursery and Primary School with the specific purpose of providing quality education his rural village.

The picture on the left shows Biira Mikairina planting a seedling of African satin wood on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda with her one year old boy on her back.

Read our Annual Report 2022 which describes many excellent tree related initiatives of our partners in Uganda, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

On 21 March 2023 many Discover partners celebrated the International Day of the Forest by arranging a special event at which they planted trees and, by inviting guests, increased the awareness of their activities in the community. Read the report of World Forest Day activities here.

On 1 March 2023 a hybrid event was held in Winnenden at which Makabuli Yusuf described tree growing activities on the Elgon Mountains in Uganda which are already contributing to the wellbeing and safety of the communities living on the mountain slopes. Rehema Namyalo described the benefits of agroforestry. A report of the evening can be read here.

Enthusiastic children at the Sacred Heart Primary School in Mutare pointing at their newly planted mango seedling

We support major tree growing initiatives: In Kasese, Arivu and Kaliro in Uganda and in Marondera West and Mutare in Zimbabwe. Our aim is to grow at least 30,000 trees each year for 5 years, from 2021 to 2025! So far, we have exceeded that target! But what matters is the number that are still alive today – our partners give great care that, despite periods of drought, as many trees as possible do survive.

We are very grateful to the town council in Winnenden that supports this work to the tune of 15,000 Euro (about £12,700) per year during these 5 years. We are even more grateful to you, our private supporters, who support us with more than twice that amount!

In Marondera West, Zimbabwe, the Discover Green4Life project is establishing an Eco Farm. This farm is already a training facility for the neighbourhood and includes a demonstration vegetable garden, tree planting, biogas units and bee keeping. See pictures here of the Field Day held on 3rd June 2022.

Here you can read more reports of the Eco Farm and the tree planting activities of some of our partners:

  • Photo report of the EcoFarm project in Zimbabwe January 2024.
  • Report of Robert Bwambale in Maliba, near Kasese in Uganda.
  • Report of the Green4Life activities in Mutare, Zimbabwe.
  • Report of the indigenous seed collection project of Makabuli Yusuf on the Elgon Mountains in Uganda.
  • Report, from Robert Bwambale of „Bumbura (Discover) Maliba“ in Uganda.

This report of the tree growing project in Arivu, Uganda, written in early 2021, explains the urgent need for trees in northwest Uganda.

Would you like to compensate for your carbon footprint by helping Discover partners in Uganda, Zimbabwe and Malawi to plant trees? Here’s how!

Would you like Discover to run a training seminar for your organisation?

In Uganda, Rehema Namyalo and her colleagues in the „Vumbula Masaka“ training team will continue to run training seminars in organic agriculture, the cultivation and use of medicinal plants in natural healthcare and income generating activities. See here for more information.

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