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Newsletters and teaching materials

Discover is very grateful for the personal and financial support of many friends in Europe. As a small appreciation and to help us to keep in touch, we provide regular news of our activities via our newsletters for supporters.

Our partners in Africa are very active, and many are very experienced. Through our newsletters for colleagues in Africa we present news, ideas and information to give our colleagues encouragement and the chance to learn from the activities of other partners.

Our information sheets are designed to provide detailed information on a range of subjects relevant to the work of our partners. You are very welcome to browse through these documents and you may use these pages in your own work. If you use any of the information on these sheets in any other way, then you must acknowledge Discover as the source of the information. If you wish to use any of this information for commercial purposes, for example in a publication for sale, then you must first ask the permission of Discover.

We regularly post new items on our Facebook page  to encourage commitment from many others in Africa to using locally available resources and skills for the benefit of families and communities.

We wish you happy browsing!