Discover e.V.
Berglenstr. 10
D – 71364 Winnenden
Tel.: +49 (0) 7195 584 607

Organisational structure

DISCOVER is the German equivalent of a charitable Trust. It was established in March 2014 and is registered with the municipal court in Stuttgart.

Discover has a Management Committee of three people. Its bi-monthly meetings are augmented by local advisors.

The Coordinator and Chairman, Keith Lindsey, has extensive experience of personal and community development work in Europe and Africa. He is assisted in his contact with African partners by Jutta Krauss.

Discover has a membership of about 45 people, who provide both support and stability. Discover is grateful to them and many more of its supporters who generously make financial donations.

The Management Committee members are:

Dr. Keith Lindsey
Simone Huschka
Martin Staiger

The following advisors play a variety of key roles:

Lucie Bradley, Dr Simon Challand, Walter Erhardt, Hans-Herbert Frank, Sally Horattides, Jutta Krauss, Christian Mazur, Kawira Siebenwirth and Pamela Spence (Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in the UK).