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Information sheets for Trainers in Africa

Together with our partners in Africa, some of whom have extensive experience, Discover has prepared a series of information sheets on a wide variety of topics. You are welcome to use this material for your own use and for teaching others, provided you acknowledge Discover as the source. This information may not be used for commercial purposes. If you wish to use this material in any publication, please seek permission beforehand from Discover e.V. in Germany.

The Discover Starter-Pack is designed for people who wish to learn about some important healing plants on their own and for people attending their first training in natural healthcare.

Discover Starter-Pack
– The Discover Starter-Pack is also available in French

Nutritional and medicinal plants
Aloe vera
Carica papaya – pawpaw
Centenella Asiatica – Indian Pennywort
Moringa oleifera – short
Moringa oleiferain detail
Mucuna Puriens – Velvet Bean
Urtica dioica / Urtica massaica – stinging nettle

Dieseases and other health complaints
Arthritis and General Body Pain
Hepatitis B

Natural medicines and treatments
Honey Ointment
Lemon Garlic Elixir
Oil Pulling
Probiotic health tincture

Bag Gardens
Faidherbia Albida
Permaculture in Malawi

Simple technologies
Charcoal refrigerator
Slow sand filter
Tippy Tap
Mosquito Trap
Solar driers

Conflict resolution and peace-making
The CHIPS work of making peace

Income generation and community finances
How to increase the amount of money in the community
Ideas for income generation
Table Banking