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Appeal for funds – March to July 2019

Fish ponds in Kasese, Uganda

To teach how to build and maintain fish ponds of this nature is the aim of Kenja Thomas and his colleagues.

The people living in the district around Kighengi village have always caught fish in the local lakes and have relied on this fish for protein in their diet. Suddenly that resource is no longer available to them. The lakes have been bought by a Chinese investor and are now patrolled by police who are ready to shoot anyone “stealing” fish.

Fish has disappeared from the local market too. Only fish bones are available, the left-overs from fileted fish, which can be used to prepare sauce.

We urgently wish to support our partner Kenja Thomas in organizing training in fish farming for this community, so that they can construct ponds and stock them with fish. They will grow their own fish food.

Funds required to train 17 families and to enable them to make their own ponds:
1750 Euro / £1545 / 1965 USD.
Funds required per family: 103 Euro / £91 / 116 USD.


Conflict resolution in Nyirivu, Uganda

Through the group JAFORD (Joint Action for Rural Development) Christopher and his colleagues in Nyirivu are working to bring peace and development.

Christopher Nyakuni has worked hard in this village to enable villagers to be more self-reliant, especially with regard to their health needs. He has also helped them to work closely together for the benefit of the community. Thanks to support from many friends in the UK and Germany, Discover supported the village last year with two 10,000 litre rainwater collection tanks – for which the community was very grateful.

There are still many problems in the community, including poverty, a high rate of drop-out from primary school, teenage pregnancies and early marriages. Conflicts, both domestic and between members of different clans, as well as arguments over land, occur very often. Land conflicts are exacerbated through the rapid increase in population.

Christopher and a colleague from the Justice, Peace and Human Rights Commission of Arua Diocese are planning a three-day training event in peace building and conflict resolution. This would be for 40 people drawn from all sections of the community including leaders from the seven different clans.

Total funds required: 1500 Euro / £1325 / 1685 USD /
Funds required per participant: 37.50 Euro / £33 /42 USD


Hygiene and tippy-taps in Soroti District, Uganda

In a recent training organized by Angiculak Lu Ko Iteso, seminar participants learnt how to conserve mango, pineapple and jack fruit in a solar drier.

Obaikol Gideon took part in my very first training seminar in Natural Medicine in Soroti in 2001. He and his colleagues have formed the group “Angiculak Lu Ko Iteso”, which means “People who have discovered their potential and are still discovering”. The group have developed expertise in producing honey, building and using solar driers to dry fruits and in making soap, candles and black stones (for snake bites).

Their present aim is to contribute to the health of pupils in 10 schools in Soroti District by teaching the importance of hand-washing and how to maintain good hygienic standards. They will also establish a sturdy, long-lasting version of the simple but effective hand-washing facility,  known as tippy taps, outside each school toilet block.

Good rapport has already been established with the education and health authorities. The schools are eagerly awaiting Gideon and his team to conduct their training on hygiene in the schools and to establish good, hand-washing facilities.

Total funds required: 1600 Euro / £1415 / 1800 USD
Funds required per school 160 Euro / £141.50 / 180 USD.

I thank you in advance for your support! You are helping many people to enjoy better lives.

Keith Lindsey


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